All breeds are accepted for obedience and socialization training as young as 10 weeks old. 

We will develop a unique training program for your dog, based on your desired outcome as well as your dog's breed. Shed training is also available.


If you are looking to have a well-rounded, polite member of your family, we offer an obedience program that addresses:
Sit, Here, Stay, Heel, issues with jumping, barking, socialization around children, crowds, etc. (More can be discussed if desired.) 

This program is for any breed at least 10 weeks old. Usually the program takes one to two months.


All of the training in the obedience program plus force fetch, retrieving multiple birds at once, hunting dead/wounded, trailing, sitting to flush for the upland retriever, pit blinds and hunting from a lock-on for those who hunt flooded timber. Your dog will be proficient in working in different terrain and cover so when you go to a hunt, regardless of the location, they'll be comfortable. Whatever your focus, we will modify the program to fit. At successful completion of this program your dog will be the best behaved, most productive dog in the field. You will be able to take her anywhere and likely have the best dog there.


If you have a competitive desire, we will enroll your pup into our competition program. This program takes longer depending on how far you wish to compete.


During this program, your dog will complete the obedience training with the hunting companion components stressed the most. Your dog will go through E-collar conditioning, force fetch (delivering the bird to hand), intro to guns and birds and a few basic whistle commands. A dog finishing this training will be able to retrieve singles on both land and water and in different hunting conditions.


A dog who completes this program will be able to pick up multiple marks and complete cold blinds where whistle and hand signals are used to guide the dog to a bird they didn’t see fall. A dog with those skills is an awesome hunting companion that you will be proud of.


At this highly advanced level of competition, your dog will be able to run triple and quad marks followed by multiple cold blinds. A dog at this level will be able to go anywhere you want and adapt to any hunting situation.

The first Master hunter I trained 11 years ago went with me to North Dakota instead of Master Nationals because that’s where both of our hearts were. She picked up ducks and geese in the morning and, during the day, I took her upland hunting where she flushed pheasant, grouse, and partridge. She had never seen the game or terrain she experienced there but adapted quickly like she did it all the time. That is the definition of a Finished/Master Hunter.


During the months of August – October (or any other time if scheduled ahead) we make room for the occasional tune up. Whether ORR trained your dog or not, we will work on the basics and run your dog back through the most important areas to prepare her for the upcoming season.